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We offer a full suite of payroll services to help our clients focus more on running their businesses. We can help you improve the management of your company and empower you to meet compliance requirements. Our payroll services include:

Employee Access

Your employees will be able to find answers to their payroll questions with continual online access. This will help streamline their concerns and save you time.

QuickBooks® Import

We can help you create QuickBooks® journal entries, which can then be imported into the program.

Electronic Reports

You can view, access, export, and print several reports online, saving you time and resources. You can pull these reports from our website.

Tax Filing

We will help you calculate and file your payroll taxes, and will respond to taxing agencies on your behalf.

New Hire Reporting

Through streamlined new hire processes, we can help you protect your company from penalties due to inaccurate filings.

Payment Options

We provide two options, direct deposits or paper checks, to pay your employees.

Garnishment Payment Service

Garnishment Payment Services are cost-effective, comprehensive solutions that help you manage the complicated processes of wage garnishment processing.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

We can help deposit and file SUI on your behalf, which can help your insurance needs run smoothly.

One unique aspect of our fee-structure is that we never increase prices for our current clients. If we lock you into a price when you work with our company, you can be assured that you will receive that pricing throughout our whole relationship. Other companies may spike your payments after a grace period, but our pricing stays consistent.